Winter Skin Fights Back!

Take harsh winter winds, add full-blast central heating and a sad lack of natural light and it’s easy to see why skin loses its glow during winter months.  As the exposed upper layer dries out skin starts to feel uncomfortable, tight and itchy; it can also be flaky and dull and tends to be more sensitive and prone to rashes and breakdown – it can even develop into more long-term problems such as redness, rashes and eczema.

But don’t worry – there is a natural solution!

Your skin is your body’s first line of defence and during winter it has to fight extra hard both outdoors and in. Cold air leaves skin parched and central heating strips even more moisture. Age can also be a factor – as hormone levels change over the years, skin tends to become thinner and drier which in turn makes it susceptible to breakdown.

The good news is that natural prevention and treatment measures are very effective. The key is to avoid stripping skin and removing natural oils. Change to a gentle, creamy cleanser which also boosts moisture such as Trilogy’s best-selling Cream formula.

Exfoliation is important as the more dead skin cells there are the less luminous you look. Plus, exfoliated skin more readily absorbs moisturiser. Avoid rough exfoliators; instead try the gentle Konjac Sponge range. Alternatively, cleanse with a cloth which is the right temperature (not too hot) and stimulates the skin such as Skin Guru’s Glow Cloth.

Moisturiser is the next weapon in your skincare armoury. It  should restore, maintain and boost your skin’s natural balance and moisture levels. Choose a formula that is oil based to create a protective layer – many Night Creams are oil-based so you might want to try swapping. Look out for the most nutritionally-rich oils such as Avocado and Almond which both rehydrate and plump skin so that it looks radiant and healthy.

Dr. Hauschka’s Regenerating Day Cream contains Avocado oil while Weleda’s award-winning Almond Soothing Facial Oil is perfect for extremely dry skin. Antipodes organic Day Cream protects and boosts collagen using Avocado and Macadamia oils and Suti’s’ Organic Face Oil contains Rosehip Seed oil as well as Argan and Frankincense to lock in moisture and alleviate stress which can only be good!

The supreme queen of Skin Oils is Ila’s outstanding Face Oil, which scored 8.55/10 in the Anti-ageing Beauty Bible and won the Best Facial Oil 2014 in the Beauty Shortlist awards.

Skin Oils are perfect at this time of year as they help to nourish the skin both inside and out but if you’re not keen on oils, then Madara’s Deep Moisture Gel is oil-free and Santaverde’s Medium Aloe Vera Cream contains Grapeseed, Avocado and Kukuinut oils but in a light cream formula.

Finally, strengthen your internal defences by ramping up the essential fatty acids in your diet – Omegas 3 and 6 help skin to produce more lipids which naturally retain moisture levels. Eat lots of Salmon, Avocados, Olives, Pumpkin seeds and nuts and don’t hibernate! Continue exercising outdoors to bring a healthy flush to the skin by getting your blood circulating.

Let battle commence…

Jane x

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