Vogue Hearts Us!

There was more than a flutter of emotions at LoveLula HQ recently when we discovered we have admirers at Vogue! The illustrious magazine showed its true colours by deciding that: ‘Chemical-free makeup is finally something to covet’.

In the article, Lets Get Mineral, beauty writer Nicola Moulton said: ‘The appetite for a natural alternative to conventional cosmetics is growing steadily – by 10% in the past year alone.’

While she went on to accuse natural skincare brands of having ‘dowdy packaging and odd textures’ (has she seen Mitchell and Peach or John Masters??) UNE Makeup and RMS Beauty did get the thumbs up. She also took the time to talk about the people and the thinking behind the brands, which we like.

Sadly for me the article didn’t quite go far enough; Moulton says that INIKA Foundation ‘could take on any synthetic counterpart’, but I think it beats them hands down! And why is ‘shake before you use’ a giveaway? Chanel Vitalumiere says the same thing.



She concludes by congratulating natural makeup brands for losing their ‘worthiness’. I’m not sure that worthiness is a negative quality but I get what she means – you no longer have to to be an ardent green activist to appreciate the sheer wonderfulness of  natural cosmetics!

Simultaneously, in Vogue On-Line, beauty expert Calgary Avansino turned the spotlight on Mendill’s Towlettes: ‘They smell heavenly… and are available at www.LoveLula.com’. Yay!

Seriously though, we love that our name and products are gaining mainstream attention but more importantly that the message is filtering through: Natural beauty and glamour are not mutually exclusive.

LoveLula and Vogue. A match made in beauty heaven!

Jane x

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