The Vegan-Friendly List: RMS Beauty

For this month’s installment of the ‘Vegan-Friendly List’ we shall be featuring the fabulous RMS Beauty! RMS Beauty was created by makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift and although the brand’s cult multi-purpose balms contain beeswax, many of their other products are suitable for vegans.

Please note: This list has been compiled with aid of the brand’s own information and my own research. I can only confirm that it is accurate as of the date of publication. If you have any queries, please contact the brand direct or do your own research before purchasing.

At the time of publishing, according to the RMS Beauty website, the following products are suitable for vegans:
All shades of Nail Polish – Pictured above is Smile, a gorgeous light coral shade perfect for summer!
Tinted Un-Powder
All shades of Swift Eye Shadow
All Brushes such as the Kabuki Polisher, Brightening Brush, and Eyeshadow Brush
Beauty Oil
Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipes
Coconut Cream

My favourite vegan products from RMS Beauty

My favourites of the vegan-friendly products include the Un-Powder, nail polishes, and eye shadows. The Un-Powder is fabulous as it involves nothing but 100% silica powder. Silica is wonderfully oil-absorbing and it leaves your skin feeling magically soft and smooth. The short ingredient list also means that you know exactly what you’re paying for – super important with a more high-end brand like RMS. I also find the Un-Powder to be great for ‘baking,’ a bit of a makeup trend at the moment. The Un-Powder also comes in a tinted version if that is more your thing.

The RMS Beauty nail polishes come in a wide variety of shades and they each go hand-in-hand with the famous Lip Shines, Eye Polishes, and Lip 2 Cheeks. If you’ve spent some time admiring RMS’s shades but hating that they’re not vegan (due to beeswax), the nail polishes are a great way to get your vegan-friendly fix. Smile is my favourite at the moment, a beautiful light coral.

The Swift Eyeshadows are relatively new but they’ve really been rocking my world. At first the wide shade range and odd names can seem confusing, but once you get your head around it, they offer you a lot of choice when it comes to ‘one swipe wonder’ shades. I’m a massive fan of a good smokey eye, but I’m a bit lazy, so I love shades that can be applied on their own with not much extra work. All of RMS’s shadows work for this – from the browns of Tempting Touch to the pinks of Garden Rose.

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  1. Janet
    July 23, 2017 / 3:52 am

    It is so wonderful to see your website with so many vegan choices and I am loving your monthly beauty boxes too. Thank you you are inspiring

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