TURBLISS – A Guide to Peat Based Cosmetics

TURBLISS – A Guide to Peat Based Cosmetics

A unique natural skin care brand TURBLISS offers bioactive cosmetics straight from pure nordic bogs – unrefined, raw and extremely effective peat products.

Did you know that from about 8000-year-old bogs several 2000-3000-year-old perfectly preserved human bodies have been found?

This is due to the fact that in the absence of oxygen the acidic peat has a special ability to preserve bodies almost unchanged.

This brings out the fact that peat cannot be used only as a heating or planting source but it has a lot more to offer us.

TurBliss is a nordic brand of bioactive cosmetic masks for intensive skincare.

The secret of TurBliss lies in the main ingredient – pure therapeutic peat.

Different products for face, hair and body are enriched with organic floral waters that can help to enhance the effect of bioactive peat.

Thus, peat masks are especially good for people who have different skin problems – psoriasis, dermatitis, flaking, acne, clogged pores, etc. Peat is also extremely effective for hair and scalp treatments, it works like a miracle against wrinkles as well as cellulite.

All peat masks are deeply purifying and at the same time moisturizing.

Peat also works as an enzymatic peeler.

It is always a bit questionable if a producer should claim their product to have an immediate effect. Fortunately, in case of peat products it is something that we can proudly declare!

TURBLISS has already won several beauty awards and we are extremely grateful for the fantastic feedback from all over the world!

Bioactive peat brings forth a thermal reaction in the skin and therefore, helps to accelerate skin microcirculation and also the blood circulation of the whole body.

Skin metabolism accelerates, toxins are removed and at the same time the skin absorbs essential bioactive substances.

An ion exchange reaction occurs while wet peat is in contact with the skin – oxidized positive ions are exchanged with the beneficial negative ions.

It is very rare that a natural substance not only blocks free radicals but is strong enough to reverse the ageing process on a cellular level.

Bioactive humic substances accelerate collagen production, which is one of the main skin elasticity maintainers.

Humic and fulvic acids boost cell renewal and restore normal functioning of the skin.

In addition to collagen, peat also stimulates the natural production of hyaluronic acid, which is more or less the current must-have in an esteemed beauty product. What could be better for the skin than to have a natural spring of collagen and hyaluronic acid inside its own cells?!

Cosmetic peat can be found below the bog water layer.

It contains a variety of complex humic substances, enzymes, minerals, and phytochemicals that can help to restore skin’s natural functioning.

The peat and peat water used in TurBliss products is wild harvested from pure Estonian bogs, free from toxic heavy metals and other environmental pollution.

Extremely small Estonia is ranked 10th in the world in terms of peat supply.

The geographical latitude, the weather, and the flora of our bogs have created a very unique layer of balneological peat with the highest level of  humic substances in the world.

From Estonia, peat with 60% of humic substances (from dry mass) has been found.

The threshold for balneological peat is 20%.

It has been scientifically proven that Estonian peat is highly effective for balneological use giving us a chance to use this ancient and pristine miracle substance in the comfort of one’s own home spa.

There are a few important conditions to follow while using peat masks:

  • The mask has to be applied in a thick layer so that the skin is not visible under the mask.
  • Peat can never be dried on the skin. It has to stay completely moist. The best way to assure dampness is to sprinkle water on the mask or use bioactive peat toner with a comfortable spray pump to prevent it from drying.
  • Peat cannot be moistened after drying – the molecules turn hydrophobic and stop reacting with the skin.
  • Peat never dries the skin when it`s properly used; on the contrary, it`s deeply moisturizing.
  • Peat can never be mixed with oil or even essential oils – oil creates a film around humic acid molecules and they will not react with the skin.
  • All skin products applied after using a peat mask work noticeably better.

I would like to end the post with a few latest comments from our fans:

“This is the second evening I’ve used the TURBLISS Bioactive Face Mask and my skin is so incredibly soft. Loving it”! (Bioactive Face mask for Men) Aqil Javed, AJ`s Corner, Instagram 

“To my mind, TURBLISS products are the only ones on the market that really do what they claim. The fact that they`re natural is a fantastic bonus”! Pirjo, comment from a beauty award public voting

Have fun trying out our products!

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