There’s no Masking the Truth

Judged by ELLE International to be among the 14 best beauty products on the planet, this miraculous Mud Mask is certainly living up to its cult status. The beauty press can’t get enough! ELLE says: ‘Try it and you’ll be hooked’, while Sunday Times columnist India Knight calls is ‘The mother of all face packs.’

In her article ‘Pore Relations’ (23/02/14) she names GlamGlow the ‘Godzilla of mud’, saying it gives you ‘the kind of radiance that looks like you’ve been lit from within with a 200-watt bulb, plus crazily smooth skin, plus the kind of tightening (but not uncomfortable) effect you only normally get through a course of ouchy and expensive laser treatments’.

Her conclusion? ‘It’s extraordinary. Equally extraordinary is the fact that the effect lasts for a couple of days. My recommendation is that you buy this… and buy it pronto!’

We have to agree. But our reason for loving GlamGlow is that it achieves these amazing results with pure, natural ingredients: top of the list are Volcanic Rock, French Sea Clay, Green Tea Leaf, Cucumber and Lavender.

Further proof that Mother Nature knows best!

Jane x

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