The Perfect Night’s Sleep – by Nicola Elliott, Founder of Neom Organics

At Neom a good night’s sleep is the one thing we get asked to help with more than anything else, and we can!

Research has revealed that 92% of Brits have trouble sleeping, with 62% blaming the stress of day-to-day life. As a busy mum and business owner  myself this news is no big surprise. I adopt a 360° approach to health and well being – practising mindfulness, swimming regularly and eating to nourish. Using the highest quality essential oils can be incredibly powerful, and the extraordinary and intricately complex blends we create at Neom are developed to work hard as therapeutic treatments….

For example, Lavender has been proven to reduce heart rate and blood pressure, but combined with the eleven other deeply relaxing oils in our Tranquility blend, it becomes even more effective.

Every night I personally follow a three-step sleep programme, using products which work powerfully with one another to deliver the most holistically effective results and I wanted to share this with you:

Step 1: Light a Tranquility Candle to release the oils; allow twenty minutes for the calming effect to begin and let the candle burn for at least two hours to ensure the natural wax burns cleanly and evenly to the edge.

Step 2: Run a warm bath – 40 degrees is the optimum sleep-inducing temperature – and pour in a cap-full of Tranquility Bath Foam, thus layering the therapeutic benefits of the oils which are both inhaled (take deep breaths) and absorbed by your skin.

Step 3: Spritz your pillow and bed linen with the calming Tranquility Room Spray. By now the oils will take instant effect and will keep emitting the scent throughout the night. This completes the best therapeutic sleep programme – and should result in a perfectly blissful night’s sleep…

We say:

In terms of beauty you should cleanse well at night – Suki’s Foaming Cleanser is a clear favourite with us – and invest in a good Night Cream which will have more restorative ingredients and be richer than a Day Cream. While we are asleep our cells go into overdrive to repair the damage done during the day and blood vessels dilate, allowing an increased flow of nutrients to the skin. Ad Skin Synergy’s award-winning Night Treatment is our best-selling Repair Cream, while Kimberly Sayer’s Eye Lift Gel is our top Eye Cream. Overnight is also the perfect time to use a conditioning leave-in Hair Treatment such as John Masters incredible transforming Hair Reconstructor, apply a nourishing Nail Cream such as Herbfarmacy’s organic Cuticle Oil and moisturise tough areas such as heels and elbows with the legendary Egyptian Magic.

Make sure you have a regular night-time ritual, that your bedroom is dark and cool and you have a regular sleeping and waking time and you should be greeted each morning by a more beautiful you!

Jane x

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