How to Sun-Proof Your Skin Naturally

How good has the weather been recently? As soon as the sun is out, my mood lifts, my energy levels are high, and I tend to be more active too.

However, I’m always wary of how long I stay out in direct sunlight. Despite enjoying a natural sun-kissed glow, tanning is a dangerous game. Definitely one best enjoyed with protection!

As the resident Healthy Living blogger for LoveLula, I’ve decided to write this month’s post around suncare. I discovered last year that it’s really quite a minefield!

The active ingredient

While I’m no cosmetic scientist, I’ve discovered that my natural sun creams all share a common ingredient: a metal oxide. This can range from titanium dioxide to zinc oxide, but this is the gem that will protect your skin from the sun. The Environmental Working Group’s Skindeep database rates these between 1-4 out of 10 for toxicity, meaning they’re moderately clean. My current favourite is this Antipodes Face & Body Moisturiser with SPF15.

SPF denotes UVB only

Translation for all those the acronyms = the sun protection factor number on your bottle of sun cream only relates to one type of UV rays, UVB. Who knew?!

To ensure your sun cream is going to protect your skin completely, look for the SPF number as well as a small UVA in a circle.

Sun-proof makeup

While the sun creams and sprays are real skin heroes (despite always making me pasty-faced for the first 30 minutes at the beach), your makeup can also give you some real protection. One of the best ranges for this is PHB Ethical Beauty, with sun protection in their mineral foundations, pressed powders and BB creams.

Besma Whayeb | Curiously Conscious

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