Summer Skincare Saviours by Emma Coleman

Emma Coleman, founder of natural skincare brand Inner-Soul Organics London, shares her tips on how to best care for and protect your body from top to toe for summer 2015:


Often caused by a mixture of poor circulation and genetics, this is most likely seen across thighs, stomach and upper arms. The lumpy appearance over the surface of the skin is caused when brown, fatty adipose cells – a type of connective tissue in the body – become hardened over time and literally bulge out through healthier connective tissue just beneath the skin’s surface. These areas will often feel cooler to touch because fat is a poor conductor of heat.

The keys to sorting this issue lie in a clean diet and daily skin treatments to boost circulation – so that toxins can be more effectively flushed away.

Here are some ideas on how to reduce cellulite:
1. Before your morning shower, try massaging a Body Oil into the affected areas, then apply a Body Scrub over the top and massage again, making large circles with your hands. Try and do 20 reps over each area before rinsing off beneath the shower and emerging invigorated, smooth and soft.
2. Drink as much water as you can handle and if you can’t stomach this, try alternating herbal teas with your usual drinks – fennel, green and peppermint teas are particularly cleansing.

TIP: Start your day with fresh fruit and avoid wheat and dairy wherever you can



It’s important to protect your skin at all ages and throughout the year – not just when the sun shines. When considering anti-ageing, it is the ultraviolet rays of the sun we need to be concerned about, known as UVA and UVB which, with over-exposure, can lead to long term skin damage and the ultimate ageing trio – wrinkles, hyperpigmentation (uneven skin tone / age spots), and formation of moles. Sun damage is hard to reverse but you can prevent it going further.

Here are some tips:
1. Apply an SPF Moisturiser of at least factor 15 twice every day – each morning and again at lunchtime
2. If it’s sunny outside – and especially in hot climates – always wear a hat, even if you are sitting in the shade and combine this with a facial SPF of at least 30
3. Cleanse skin daily with a Balm or similar – this will help to rejuvenate skin’s surface; and use a Facial Exfoliator twice weekly
4. Reducing soya in the diet may reduce the visibility of brown spots as soy products are known to affect the body’s hormonal balance
5. At night remove all makeup and Sunscreen and apply a Vitamin C-rich Face Oil or Serum to boost rejuvenation and hydration levels
6. Noticed a new wrinkle? Slather with Moisturiser whenever you remember during the day as well as nightly before bed

TIP: Don’t forget to protect your neck and décolletage – they are also ageing-sensitive areas
Flip-flops, hot sand and swimming can all leave your feet with dry, hard skin once summer is over and apart from the odd pedicure, this is a part of the body often forgotten. Research has also shown that aggressively removing the hardened skin can actually lead to an increase in its future build-up.

Try these ideas for healthier, nourished tootsies and feel proud to bare your feet:

1. When using your Body Scrub take a little extra time to exfoliate your feet and make sure you scrub between the toes as bacteria likes to live here which can lead to fungal infections
2. Each evening in the palm of your hand mix some Body or Hand Cream with any Oil which you have available in the house – Cooking Oil is fine. You can also add a couple of drops of Tea Tree or Peppermint Essential Oil if you have some. Massage well into all parts of the feet and leave exposed for a couple of hours or over night
3. Feet can tell us much about our general health – dry skin long term could be a sign of chronic fatigue and flaky toe nails can be caused by Calcium or Vitamin B deficiency
4. Ankles are more susceptible to swelling up in the summer heat and after flights. Rotation and massage to the lower legs and feet using a stimulating Body Oil will help reduce the fluid retention as will elevating the feet to hip level whenever possible

TIP: Whenever you can remove your Nail Varnish and allow the toenails to breathe for a few days



The hands are how we reach out into the world, and a handshake will give others their first impression of us. They can also give our age away without the right input and by age 30 skin-cell production decreases by 10%, making the skin less efficient at repairing itself.

There’s much more to hand care than Nail Varnish so why not give them some loving nourishment for summer 2015 with these ‘handy’ tips and ideas:

1. Place Hand Washes and Soaps around the home which contain only natural ingredients and are made without Parabens, SLS’s or artificial Preservatives
2. Apply a Hand Cream after each hand wash and every night before bed
3. Give your hands an intensive treatment once weekly by combining 1 dessertspoon each of Honey, Oats and Cooking Oil in a large bowl then plunging the hands into the cool, sticky liquid for up to 10 minutes, turning the hands over frequently. Rinse well and apply Hand Cream, massaging well into the fingers
4. When applying Sunscreen always pop some onto the backs of the hands and fingers too, where the skin can be thin and fragile. This will help to prevent age spots forming in the future
5. If you have eczema or dermatitis switch to using natural Skincare around the home alongside your medical treatments

TIP: Already have signs of brown age spots on the backs of the hands? Exfoliate twice weekly, apply Sunscreen as often as possible and use Hand Washes and Creams containing natural skin-lightening ingredients such as Grapefruit and Bergamot and Sweet Almond Oils

Inner-Soul Organics is a multi-award winning, luxury organic and natural skincare range, designed and made in London.

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