Used to produce natural looking tanning of the skin due the bronzing properties of the substance. Walnut extract is also used to fight skin diseases, including psoriasis and eczema.

The powerful astringent properties of walnut leaf extract make it suitable for the relief of excessive menstrual bleeding, diarrhoea and perspiration. It also has conditioning properties.

Used in higher-end beauty products. This medium-light oil leaves the skin feeling smooth and silky.

An anticoagulant that acts on the liver in order to lower the levels of certain proteins that give blood the ability to clot. These properties make Warfarin suitable for treating Thrombosis and help reduce the risk of embolisms.

This is used to describe a type of colour in the beauty world. A warm colour means the yellow, red and orange undertones in hair, makeup, and skin.

This is a form of skin tumour and is caused by a virus. A wart is round, firm and has the same colour of skin.

This property means the substance easily dissolves in water. Soaps and detergents have this water soluble property.

This food has many health properties. A watermelon contains no fat or cholesterol, is low in sodium and helps to prevent cancer with the anti-cancer nutrient of Lycopene. It is also an excellent source of Vitiman A, Vitiman C, fibre, iron and calcium.

This is a substance that enhances a liquids ability to spread out across a solid surface. Soaps accomplish this when combined with the wetting agent that is water.

A round, flat topped lesion of the skin. A wheal is usually the sign of an allergy and they can be quite itchy. The colour of a wheal is usually slightly redder than the skin. The term welt or hive is also used to describe a wheal.

This substance is used for its anti-oxidant effects, which help the healing of damaged skin. Wheat germ oil also promotes the natural process of skin regeneration and is also effective at treating dry skin.

Used to treat stomach problems and conditions such as pancreatitis. Wheat grass, also known as barely grass, has inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, and is an excellent source of Vitamin C, B12, calcium and iron.

A protein supplement that is used to promote muscle growth, weight loss, and the repair of body tissue. Whey protein also prevents muscle degradation in catabolic diseases.

An extract from the flowers of the white lily plant, used as masking agent due to its sweet fragrance. White lily extract also has the ability to moisturise the skin.

A flower used to regulate the blood and nourish the blood cells.

A collection of materials that seals the opening of a skin pore. It looks like a large, raised bump from under the skin.