An anti-oxidant that is used to help rejuvenate and smoothen the skin.

Synthetic mineral pigments used in cosmetics and personal care products. The primary use for Ultramarines is as a hair dye.

Otherwise known as cat’s claw, Una De Gato has the ability to influence to positively influence the body’s defence system, as well as the circulatory and intestinal systems to due its antioxidant properties.

A liquid alkane hydrocarbon with skin conditioning and emollient properties.

This term is used to refer to warm or cool skin tones. The undertone for an individual depends on getting the right balance between hair colour, eye colour and skin tone.

An ingredient found in skin and lip products. Unitrienol helps to maintain the appropriate oil and moisture levels of the skin, whilst promoting elasticity. It also helps to smooth the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Used to describe the main waste products of the human body

Commonly known as hives, Urticaria is a skin condition which results in raised white lumps appearing on the skin, surrounding a swollen red area.

An antimicrobial chemical known to be used in cosmetic formulas due to its ability to fight harmful substances.

Ultra-Violet Light Type A. This refers to the suns rays that are not visible, but still damage the skin.

Ultra-Violet Light Type B. These rays can burn the skin and are not visible by the human eye.