A form of tanning that captures moisturising agents in such a way to enhance the effectiveness of the tan.

A drug that dulls the senses of the nervous system.

A natural chemical that is found in grapefruit, naringin has medicinal and anti-oxidant abilities used to protect the skin.

A plant extracted derived from the fermentation of yeast. Used for its ability to form a protective film on the skin’s surface.

A natural treatment that uses the force of air, water and heat to treat health conditions.

An area of dead tissue on the skin. Often the result of disease or the after affects of an injury healing up.

Approximately one in five newborn babies suffer from neonatal acne. It typically resolves itself within 6 weeks.

A tumour that causes the formation of abnormal cells that take the place of health cells, and prevent new healthy cells from growing.

A volatile oil obtained from the Citrus aurantium; used as a tonic and masking agent in beauty products.

An extract from orange flowers that helps improve circulation. Often in used in men’s fragrances and has a relaxing and slightly stimulating effect.

This nettle plant as tonic and revitalising qualities. Commonly used in Europe as a remedy for arthritis rheumatism. Also used in hair products, specifically to help treat scalp issues.