Garlic is a health antibiotic that helps fight off disease, without damaging the healthy bacteria of the body. Garlic is used to fight respiratory infections and also aids digestion and cardiovascular functions.

A health condition that causes the lining of the stomach to become inflamed.

A protein obtained from animals, which is used as a thickener in shampoos.

A bitter herb used to treat digestive disorders. Gentian has an inflammatory effect and is used to enhance the production of saliva, bile and gastric juices.

An alcohol, that is a key ingredient of rose oil. Geraniol is used as a masking agent in perfumes.

A herb used in hair products to enhance hair shininess. Also used as a fragrance in cosmetic products such as soaps, perfumes and oils.

An oil with inflammatory properties that helps heal and soothe wounds and irritations of the skin.

A substance with the ability to stop the growth of germs.

A plant-derived skin conditioning substance, also known as clarified butter.

Ginger is a perennial plant with the ability to calm an upset stomach. Ginger also helps to stimulate the generation of mucus to help soothe coughs and similar ailments. Also used to relieve pains of cramps and stimulate appetite.

A herbal supplement that is known to have numerous medicinal uses. Ginkgo can enhance the ability for the skin to absorb moisture; it has inflammatory and anti-irritant properties and can help treat depression, ear problems, dementia, and circulatory disorders as well as many other ailments.

Ginseng is a tonic and is commonly used as a stimulant within shower gels.