This means that a certain colour has been approved for use within drugs and cosmetics.

A shrub that originates from Texas, Damiana is an aphrodisiac that is often used in herbal teas.

A method of extracting oils from herbal plants, roots and stems. The extract is then often used in herbal teas.

A decongestant is a type of medicine that is commonly used to relieve blocked noses, due to its ability to reduce the swelling of blood vessels inside the nose.

The demand is a measure on how much a particular substance effects to moisture levels of the skin. Higher demand levels mean that the substance should be applied to the skin on a regular basis.

A soothing herb that is used to provide relief for inflamed skin tissues.

A substance that contains strong fragrances to mask the smell of unpleasant odours. A deodorant has the ability to kills odour causing bacteria, but does not have the ability to minimise the production of sweat.

A form of treatment that removes hairs from the surface of the skin, either by shaving or by using creams.

A form of treatment that involves sanding the skin to improve its texture.

A dermatologist is a doctor whom specialises in treating conditions of the skin.