Rejuvenate Your Hair For Spring With Alchemy Oils.

Spring is finally here. We’ve made it! Blooms are all over the place and all over Instagram. Then again, there is no such thing as too many blooms’ photos.
However, what we are all left with after the very long and dreary winter is dry skin and hair. Hair is looking less than perfect after being hidden under all sorts of hats and hoods for all those months. It’s brittle, lacklustre, frizzy and looking like straw. While conditioners and hair masks are a must when it comes to protecting hair, they will certainly not revitalise your hair from within. That’s where hair oils come to play.

Made not only to be applied at the ends, but also throughout the whole hair length, natural plant oils can really transform even the most damaged hair. The idea is that you apply them BEFORE washing your hair and leave them for as long as you can, half an hour being the bare minimum here. You then put you ever so glamourous shower cap on and wait. For added benefits, you can also apply some heat using regular hairdryer or one of those fancy heat caps if your hair needs some serious attention.

5 Fantastic Oils

While there are many options available – and even putting single oil like Olive Oil can make a difference – I found that I personally prefer the ones that have more than one oil in their formula. The best one I have tried so far has to be Alchemy Oils Grapefruit Hair Remedy. Not only does it smell great, but more importantly it contains 5 fantastic oils.

01. Castor Oil.
It’s one of the best oils for your hair. It not only stimulates new hair growth, but also helps to fight a multitude of scalp issues thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

02. Avocado Oil.
It’s a very rich oil with high fat content, which moisturises hair deeply and protects the scalp from drying out, thus alleviating any itchiness.

03. Sweet Almond Oil.
This beautiful oil helps to control hair loss and nourishes hair thanks to its very lightweight texture. It’s easily absorbed both into the skin and hair. Used regularly it can regenerate and smooth out very porous hair.

04. Fractionated Coconut Oil.
I really like the addition of fractionated Coconut Oil, as it has a very low molecular weight, which means that just like Sweet Almond Oil it can easily penetrate the hair shaft and cuticle. The regular Coconut Oil has never really agreed with my super porous hair, but in this form and with all the other oils, it causes no trouble at all.

05. Grapefruit Oil.
It not only works as an uplifting scent, but also  helps to fight dandruff and psoriasis.

For me, all of these oils blended together create a perfect mix for my dry hair. After just few weeks of regular use, it transformed my hair from Winter dull to Spring wow. My hair is super soft and shiny and I barely need to use any conditioner. Absolutely brilliant!

Have you tried Alchemy Oils?

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