Natural Teeth Whitening with Style White

Natural Teeth Whitening with Style White

Current beauty trends are all about ‘tweaking’ our natural assets and our smile is one of the greatest we have.

Being able to smile with confidence is important to our overall well-being and self-image.

As we age, our teeth lose their brightness and may be stained by foods such as tea, coffee, red fruits and tobacco.

STYLE’WHITE home teeth whitening kits combat this with a gel containing 100% natural ingredients, with no peroxide, sodium perborate or parabens, and is based on an exclusive formula of natural plant enzymes combined with bicarbonate of soda.

The result is naturally brighter looking teeth, with a one-day treatment, which lasts up to three months.

The developers of STYLE’WHITE’ set themselves a challenge to provide consumers with a simple to use, safe and effective home teeth whitening treatment.

Following 2012 European Directives hydrogen peroxide was effectively banned from home kits so, in their in-house laboratories in France, they concentrated their R&D on creating teeth whitening products with 100% natural ingredients as a substitute for both peroxide and sodium perborate Developed in conjunction with dentists, STYLE’WHITE is a reusable, purse-friendly treatment, complete with a blue LED which helps speed up the whitening process, giving greater results.

STYLE’WHITE’s patented gel includes peppermint oil, extracts of aloe vera pulp, pomegranate and chamomile which work alongside the natural enzymes in our saliva.

Along with the accelerating effect of the LED light this results in a naturally effective whitening treatment.

Simply attach the flexible silicon mouth guards to the LED activator, apply the gel; pop in your mouth; switch on the LED activator and wait 10 minutes.

An alarm sounds when the time has elapsed, so there’s no need to clock-watch. Repeat five times during the course of one day, for optimum results and – voila!

There’s even a tooth colour guide included so you can see the improvement in the whiteness of your teeth!

It tastes good too, with a refreshing mint flavour. It’s simple, safe and effective and is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

As well as the refill gel for the kits, there’s also STYLE’WHITE 2-in-1 brightening and freshening teeth pen, for on-the-move teeth brightening.

It freshens breath and gives a bright lustre to your teeth whilst also protecting tooth enamel.

It’s great for prolonging the length and effectiveness of the whitening treatment.

There are also handy STYLE’WHITE dental wipes that remove the film that builds up on tooth enamel, leaving you with that ‘just brushed’ feeling.

Perfect for freshening teeth and breath before a meeting or after eating.

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