Meet Kimberly Sayer – The Woman Behind the Brand

We caught up with our organic skincare icon this week and found out more about her inspiration, her business and her attitude to ageing…

LL: You grew up in England – was this a happy time for you? How did it influence your career?

KS: Growing up in the countryside in the South West corner of England was incredible. I had such strong family influences of organic growing and farming; my happiest memories are of harvesting and creating products from our own gardens. My family has definitely been the strongest influence on my career.

LL: What brought about your move to New York?

KS: As always it was a man darling! Seriously though, I love NYC and enjoy everything about living in the USA.

LL: What does a typical day hold for you? Do you follow greenpractices?

 KS: Gosh, my day can be so varied. My main focus is product creation and manufacturing and also working with accounts and growing the Kimberly Sayer brand.That can mean a morning of events with accounts, lunch with a Beauty Editor, then working in the Lab.

I absolutely follow green practices in all aspects of my life.Our office is completely green and chemical-free, we recycle pretty much everything, use public transportation for the most part and order as much as we possibly can from local vendors and support local growers.

Outside of our local areas we only use suppliers who are self-supporting communities for all of our ingredients – such as our Foraha from Madagascar and our unrefined Shea Butter from Uganda. These companies are certified organic and enrich the lives of the people in their communities.

LL: Which of your own products do you use daily?

KS: I really do practise what I preach! Twice a day I cleanse with my Gentle Face Cleanser, then tone with Pure Lavender Toner. I follow this with Cellular Extract Eye lift Gel. In the mornings I follow with my best-selling Anti-Oxidant Daily Moisturizer-SPF30 and finish with Restore Anti-Ageing Cream.

I am a huge believer in exfoliation and use my Gentle Almond and Lavender Face Scrub at least twice a week. I like to leave it on my face for about 30 mins. This allows the grains (Jojoba beads, Almond meal and Oatmeal) to absorb into the surface dry skin and deeply exfoliate. The essential oils – Shea butter and Squalane from olives – hydrate the skin at the same time. After removing, my skin is softer and noticeably brighter; I find it allows my moisturiser and night products to absorb a lot more effectively too.

I am a big fan of regular treatment masks too. I use the Hydrating Anti-Oxidant Face Mask about once a fortnight to hydrate and tighten skin. I sometimes use this under my moisturiser during winter months to add an extra layer of hydration.

I also use the Deep Cleansing Mask once a week or twice week in summer and overnight to dry up any spots or pimples.

LL: What has been the highlight of your career so far?

KS: I have been very honoured to have won awards for best product categories in both the UK and in the USA. I still feel enormously proud to read the marvelous press reviews and very kind things that are so often said about my brand.

I also feel fortunate to have met some incredible people and shared the journey with like-minded people and brands that have really enriched my life. I feel blessed to be working with companies like LoveLula which is owned and run by fantastic people who are so easy going and ethical. For me it doesn’t get much better than that.

I would say however, I am still waiting for the highlight of my career and that is the END of animal testing in our industry worldwide.Thankfully it is changing but there is still so much more to be done. I will continue to use my voice in any way I can to make this happen.

LL: What has been the biggest challenge?

KS: I am a private company and have 100% ownership of my company. I decided to do this early on so I would never have to compromise. Whether it’s ingredients, suppliers or carbon footprint, I know I have complete control and have made the right ethical choices. Therefore I would say my biggest challenge is responsibility – and cash flow!

LL: Youve built up a fantastic following of celebrities and beauty insiders – what’s your secret?

KS: I worked as head esthetician in some beautiful spas in both London and New York and used to blend my own products for treatments made from organic ingredients. Clients were really excited and word got out so I started to build up a strong following.  I also found a lot of agents and modelling agencies calling me up to take care of their clients. I have remained true to my organic principles and I think customers appreciate this.

LL: What is next for you? Are there any products we can look forward to?

KS: Yes! I am working on some professional products right now for Spa Treatments but can’t really say more until it’s finished.I hope to be spending at least 50% of my time in California and opening up a west coast office.I do feel so inspired here and all our manufacturing and logistics are done here.

LL: What is your attitude to ageing? Is there a secretto ageing well?

KS: Well, we are all going to age and I think you have to like who you are and be at peace with your life to age well. Having said that I think using products to combat ageing makes perfect sense and I personally use anti-ageing products daily.

LL: Who has inspired you most in your life?

KS: Gosh, I have been inspired by so many countless people who spend their lives giving to others; their names we will not be known but they make the world a better place to be in. From a celebrity viewpoint I think someone like Audrey Hepburn has inspired me with her life’s dedication to helping children and feeding the hungry. What could be more admirable than a beautiful, kind and gentle person who spends her life helping others and used her voice to help alleviate suffering?

Kimberly continues to be an inspiration to us and so many of our customers with her beautiful, hard-working, ethically produced skincare. Jane x

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