Man in the Mirror

From Simon Cowell’s jawline to Harry Styles’ hair the media is increasingly fascinated with male grooming habits. There has certainly been a shift in recent years with more and more men wanting to look their best and prepared to spend money on products which research shows will boost their self-esteem and make them feel more attractive.

It’s now acceptable for a man to shape his eyebrows, manicure his nails, shave his chest, maintain his tan and even wear concealer!

And this is not the reserve of TV moguls and pop stars – increasingly men from all ages and backgrounds are happy to admit to needing their own product shelf in the bathroom…

Of course relaxing shaves and spa treatments have been part of male culture since Roman times. In countries such as Italy men are brought up to take pride in their appearance – and the habit is spreading. In trendier parts of the UK there’s been an upsurge in well-groomed beards, moustaches and elaborate hairstyles; it’s now seen as OK for men to want to fight the anti-ageing battle; and who can argue with the fact that a businessman who is well groomed gives a better first impression. (Here in the all-female LoveLula office we certainly notice when a man calls in who smells good and takes pride in his appearance!)

So, this Father’s Day don’t hold back. Let the men in your life know that it’s OK to want to look their best. But remind them to think carefully about what they put on their skin as around 60% of the ingredients are absorbed by our bodies.

Chances are they simply don’t know just how many chemical-free, man-friendly products are available from Moisturisers to Aftershaves and Razors to Hair Pomade.

Jane x

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