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Made on a small farm in Somerset, England, using home-grown ingredients, Lyonsleaf Natural Skincare Founders Ben and Vicky Lyons are passionate about producing award winning skincare that is 100% natural and 100% active.

At Lyonsleaf Natural Skincare we believe the problem of buying ‘reassuringly expensive’ beauty products was compounded when our love affair with chemistry blossomed post Second World War.

Trusted natural ingredients were replaced with artificial options. The oil in water emulsion, stabilised and sterilised with artificial chemicals became the norm for skin hydration.

These moisturisers are convenient, cheap to produce, stable at a wide range of temperatures, some of them positively toxic, and of course, often reassuringly expensive.  

Knowledge is power

Thankfully many women are waking up to the realities of beauty hype and to the dangers of many of these artificial chemicals. No one can deny a movement back to more natural beauty products is well underway.

It’s not surprising, when you start to understand the workings of your skin, you soon see that pure unrefined plant oils are in fact the finest emollients. Watering them down is completely counter productive (from a skin care point of view).

The truth about skin hydration

Your epidermis draws it’s moisture from the dermis below, and from the air around it. The key to skin hydration is not hydration at all, it is preventing the moisture obtained by the epidermis from instantly evaporating out into the air. Superior skin hydration comes from maintaining and repairing skin barrier function, helping your skin to hold the moisture in. Your skin creates a breathable seal using natural fatty acids, exactly the same fatty acids found in the pure, cold pressed plant oils we use at Lyonsleaf Natural Skincare.

When you do apply a water-based moisturiser to your skin the water in the product will temporarily plump the epidermis. This plumping smoothes fine lines and softens skin (imagine rehydrating a raisin back to a youthful looking grape). However, if the skins outer barrier is compromised, this moisture will soon evaporate, skin feels dry again and lines re-appear. You’ll soon find yourself reaching for the pot again.

If the skin barrier issue is not addressed the epidermis will keep drawing water from the dermis until it too dries out. When the dermis is dry skin really sags, serious wrinkles appear and will become ingrained.

Dry skin, oily skin and breakouts

Skin barrier not only seals moisture in, it keeps pathogens out. Pathogens cause spots, infections and allergic reactions. Compromised skin barrier is considered a dry skin issue, but it has little to do with sebum production and, surprisingly, even those with oily skin can suffer with it too – in this case spotsand blemishes are often the main symptom rather than wrinkles.

The great news is, that simple natural plant oils can quickly and effectively repair skin barrier because give your skin the tools it naturally uses (particular fatty acids) to rebuild the barrier its self – repairing microscopic cracks without smothering the skin like petrochemical emollients do.

If you have oily skin you may recoil at the idea of putting oil on your skin. Oily skin has traditionally been treated by attempting to strip excess natural oils. However, this can seriously disrupt skin barrier causing breakouts and often makes the skin overcompensate, so it actually produces more sebum, exacerbating the problem. More and more people are finding that using Lyonsleaf Natural Skincare pure oil products rebalances oily skin and reduces breakouts, Using our award winning Lyonsleaf Natural Skincare Anti-inflammatory Calendula Cream can also soothe existing breakouts and reduce redness.


The miracle of hot cloth cleansing

When you use our Beauty Balm as a cleanser, (using the LyonsLeaf Hot Cloth Cleansing Kit) You will find you cease stripping natural oils when cleansing and skin barrier function is improved even more.

100% Chemical Free

When you use pure plant oils and leave the water out of your formulation, you no longer need the preservatives that kill harmful bacteria that can live in the water element of a product,(like parabens, phenoxyethanol, MI or even formaldehyde) You no longer need the emulsifiers that can wreak havock with the delicate balance of lipids and moisture your clever epidermis is working so hard to maintain.

100% Active Ingredients

When you use pure plant oils, you will be applying 100% active ingredients – ingredients teeming with a myriad of valuable anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial compounds. You won’t be applying a lot of water with a few synthetic vitamins thrown in, but a symphony of free radical busting, nourishing goodness that your skin will greedily absorb and use to renew, repair and restore.

Of course anyone who has dabbled with balms, will know, they can be greasy, take an age to absorb, they are often not convenient which is why you might still choose a watery emulsion to moisturise your skin. But Lyonsleaf Natural Skincare products are different, more like soufflés than balms, they melt onto the skin, glide on and absorb beautifully.

You do have to get used to using much, much less than you may be used to, which of course, means a very small pot goes a very long way.

We believe at Lyonsleaf, that once you start to understand the workings of your skin, you can make an informed decision about your skincare, we can’t imagine what other choice you might make than pure cold pressed plant oils. Once you try our waterless products and experience them gently disappearing into your skin, we don’t believe you will ever go back to a moisturiser made from water.

That’s why Lyonsleaf Natural Skincare don’t really need to rely on those reassuringly expensive prices.

See the Lyonsleaf Natural Skincare including Lyonsleaf Hot Cloth Cleansing Gift Set.

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