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PHB ETHICAL BEAUTY is a pioneering Skincare, Makeup and Haircare company founded by a 24-year old British entrepreneur Rose Brown.

Rose is on a mission to change the way people think about their beauty product choices. The PHB range is the largest collection of natural, Vegan and Halal certified beauty products available anywhere in the world. Their products are handmade in the UK and the entire range is certified cruelty-free.

Rose, who is Vegan and daughter of UB40 drummer and songwriter James Brown, founded PHB Ethical Beauty with her partner in 2012 to provide a completely natural and ethically conscious alternative to mainstream beauty products. Now they have started an Ethical Beauty Revolution! “We feel that the products you choose to use on your body should be made in balance with what you believe. To me, this means products should be manufactured in an entirely natural and ethical way with full consideration for not only our health and wellbeing, but also for the wellbeing of animals and our environment.”

“PHB are thrilled and honored to be launching with Love Lula. We have watched their company grow over the years and they are true pioneers in the natural and organic beauty industry. Their dedication to purity and promoting new, often family run natural beauty brands is an inspiring approach to retail and we’re excited they are joining in our ethical beauty revolution to bring PHB to a wider audience.

The company started with a small shop in their hometown of Birmingham. Rose and her partner John are both Vegan and it was their personal lifestyle choices that led them to decide to start their own ethical beauty range.

“We wanted to create a brand that is as ethical as possible whilst still producing incredible quality products that give results you can see and feel,” says Rose. “We started with a tiny initial investment, struggling to get our first store up and running with John handing out flyers outside whilst I served our loyal customer base. Thankfully we stuck at it and we’ve created an incredibly effective range of ethical beauty products that are totally unique. We have been so lucky to see our company grow from a small family business to an international beauty brand.”

Rose is very passionate about educating people about the hidden dangers and ingredients in many beauty products: “Often people don’t realise that a lot of beauty products contain harsh alcohols and animal-derived ingredients. Animal fats and crushed insects are common ingredients found in mainstream beauty products. Animal testing is another issue close to their hearts. “Many big brands claim not to test on animals but are still happy to sell their products in China where animal testing is a prerequisite. There’s still a long way to go in the fight against animal testing.”

15% of Profit Goes to Charity

A little over 3 years since the opening of their first store in the UK, PHB products are now sold in over 15 countries and PHB have stores open across Europe and Asia. Not content to stop there Rose is determined to ensure the brand goes a step further. PHB announced in April this year that 15% of net profit will be going to charity each year. The company is setting up their own charity called ‘The OneLove Foundation’ which will help improve the lives of people and animals around the world.

“Our dream is to turn our business into a not-for-profit organization that stands ‘For People Not Profit’. We want the business to be a ‘Love Exchange’ where customers receive a lovely handmade beauty product and we use their hard-earned money to help people and animals who really need it. The response to our range so far has been overwhelming, but every day we are working hard to ensure more and more people join our Ethical Beauty Revolution!”

Quite incredibly PHB has also broken three world records – being the youngest ever company to open franchise stores in 5 different countries; having the largest range of certified Vegan and Halal beauty products, and being the first ever retailers dedicated to selling natural, Vegan and Halal certified beauty products.

Rose puts the success of their range down to their unique eco-credentials and incredible product selection. “Our stringent certifications, affordable pricing and focus on providing highly effective beauty products has meant that our brand is proving very popular, particularly as people continue to educate themselves about what they use on their skin. It also helps that we sell over 200 products enabling us to cater for everyone.”

See the complete range from PHB Ehtical Beauty HERE!



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