How to Stay Healthy While on Holiday

How to Stay Healthy While on Holiday

I’m on holiday! In fact I’ve done a lot of travelling in the last 12 months – Amsterdam, Portugal, Bath, Paris and now Crete – so you’d think I’d be accustomed to being on the move and in different places.

Sadly this just isn’t the case! Every time I’ve packed my suitcase, wheeled it to the airport or train station, and gone to stay in a different location, my body has always taken some kind of toll. I think the change of activities and scenery is always hard to negotiate, especially coupled with different climates and time zones – I’m sure you have the same trouble!

Over time, I’ve learnt to ease up the usual anxiety, travel sickness, and bad sleep and compiled my list for Love Lula.

When packing…

…You’re probably going to be nervously excited. It makes my mind run amok! To help with this, try writing a list a few days before of everything you need to bring (or for efficiency, find one online). It’ll help you keep it together the night before and stop you from worrying.

I also like to invest in a travel set for my bathroom essentials so I’ll know I’ll be fine going through security checks!

When travelling…

…Book everything in advance. I like to know what trains, planes, and taxis I need to catch beforehand. It’ll also help you defeat the dreaded “decision fatigue” where you’re constantly making choices in the train station or airport – instead, you’ll have your plan, and can take a step back to find good food, lots of water, and any other little luxuries for your travel.

When queuing…

…I know we all hate queues but it’s the inevitable. I’ve found people get even more antsy when travelling and queuing, even when their seat and tickets are reserved for them. Instead of jostling or fighting, take the time to rest – find a seating area or lounge and wait for the queue to lessen before you can board. I guarantee your pre-booked seat will still be there!

When arriving…

…Listen more than ever to your body! I find I get a tight stomach and have trouble sleeping on my first night, so try calming down with a herbal tea or treat yourself to a relaxing bath or shower.


…Don’t rush yourself while on holiday. Our bodies often work in mysterious ways, so find out how it reacts to the new heat or cold, humidity or iciness, cityscape or beach. The same goes for the food you eat, and if you’re going abroad, make sure to drink bottled or purified water, and lots of it!

Besma, Curiously Conscious

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