Hero Ingredient: The Natural Powers of Rose

Hero Ingredient: The Natural Powers of Rose

It may sound cliched, but roses are one of my favourite flowers and I just adore their unique scent. Walking through a beautiful rose garden just after a rain shower is one of life’s simple pleasures. Nature’s symbol of love has also been used in beauty and well being products for centuries by numerous cultures around the world.  Even the Romans and the Ancient Greeks used it in their beauty routines. Needless to say, it remains an incredibly popular ingredient for natural beauty brands to work with today.  Rose is something that I often look out for when I’m shopping for new products to try out.

Why is Rose such a popular natural ingredient?

Aside from its obvious use as a fragrance, the rose has long been revered for its many other natural qualities. These make it a desirable and beneficial ingredient to have in your skincare and body care. Rose essential oil and floral water have high levels of natural moisturising, toning, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties . They help to soothe and calm down any skin irritations, so it’s a great ingredient to look out for if you have dry, sensitive or blemish-prone skin. It also contains antioxidants (especially Vitamin C) which protect your skin from cellular damage and free radicals. I also love it for its calming and relaxing fragrance that’s useful in aromatherapy and other well being routines. Finally, Rose makes a nice change for anyone who isn’t particularly keen on Lavender!

Where can I find Rose in natural beauty products? 

Many natural beauty brands have entire product lines dedicated to this beautiful flower. One such brand is Weleda, who have a lovely Wild Rose range. One of my favourites from their range is Weleda Wild Rose Body Oil, is a gorgeous pampering treat to use after a hot bath. The second is the Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant which is a great way to naturally keep yourself fresh all day long.

I believe that everyone’s skincare routine can benefit from a high quality rosewater toner. Therapi Honey Skincare Rose Otto Hydrating Toner contains both organic rosewater and extracts of pink rose petals. These help to tone, revitalise and moisturise the skin with just a simple spritz.

In the shower, I always have a rose scented bodywash on my shelf. Currently I am using Organii Liquid Soap Rose, which smells amazing and comes in a huge bottle that will last you for a good few months! However, if you prefer to use a good old bar of soap instead, try Organii Cream Soap in Wild Rose which has the same scent. Or why not treat yourself to Trevarno Organic Rose and Jojoba Soap for a more indulgent pamper?

Are you a fan of Rose?

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  1. May 4, 2017 / 2:22 pm

    I’m a big rose fan! Therapi Rose Otto Hydrating Toner is a favourite of mine. Off to check your other recommendations out….

    • May 4, 2017 / 2:26 pm

      Enjoy! Let me know if you try anything or if you have any personal rose product faves! x

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