Does Nature Approve?

South African Brand ELLI share their beauty secrets…

The mountains, valleys and deserts of Africa are home to unique plant kingdoms; the therapeutic properties of some of these plants were the inspiration behind the creation of organic brand ELLI…

“The ELLI journey started when our founder, Elmarie de Bruyn planted a herb-garden for Herbs-Aplenty – a small nursery and Herb farm on the Western Cape of South Africa. Lavender was the first commercial crop planted but this soon grew to a variety of Essential Oils and medicinal Herbs, with the focus on indigenous South African plants grown with sustainable, organic farming principles.

Elmarie’s passion for natural botanicals, as well as her extensive knowledge of their potential and properties, empowered her to create the ELLI range. Her philosophy was based on a simple biological farming motto: Does Nature Approve?

This basic principle is now applied throughout ELLI production. We use only certified organic ingredients; we grow, harvest and process our ingredients on our own farm, giving us total control of quality from plant to bottle. We source our carrier-ingredients from farming communities in Africa with organic certification. Our factory on the farm is managed by a family team, ensuring reliability, continuity, quality and sustainability. We are proud that we combine years of research, expertise and passion to create natural and organic products that work well.


Even though we live on different continents, some beauty truths are universal! So here are our tips for using ELLI products to their best advantage:

Get Up and Glow

At bath or shower time rub your body almost dry and apply ELLI Organic Body Balm sparingly. The result is smooth, healthy skin and a tantalizing fragrance!

Protect Your Skin

Here in South Africa we are well aware of the damage the sun can do. Our advice is to use ELLI Organic Face Balm which is packed with natural anti-oxidants and a blend of Essential Oils with unique cell-rejuvenating, anti-ageing, sun-protecting and uplifting properties.

Treat Your Feet

To have beautiful feet all year round, soak them in warm water then apply ELLI Organic Foot Scrub and gently massage in. The natural Kalahari Salt will exfoliate the skin and the African Waxes and Oils will leave your feet nurtured, moisturised and lightly fragranced.

Love Your Lips

Counteract harsh winds and weather extremes with our all-natural ELLI Organic Lip Balm which is ultra-hydrating and enriched with Shea butter, Marula oil and Jojoba oil and has a subtle citrus fragrance and flavour.”

The ELLI range now includes beautiful products for Mother and Baby specially formulated for use during and beyond pregnancy.

See the complete ELLI range HERE!

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