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Living Nature – Made Of and In New Zealand

Living Nature is New Zealand’s original, certified natural Skincare brand and was one of the world’s first beauty companies not to include parabens in their formulations. In 28 years Living Nature has grown from a cottage industry into a world leader in natural beauty innovation, but has remained true to its roots and passion for nature by producing safe, authentic Skincare products with integrity…

Living Nature was founded in 1987 by natural Skincare pioneer, Suzanne Hall, who used the potent curative properties of New Zealand native plants to ease her own skin complaints. She was particularly inspired by the antimicrobial benefits of Active Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil, used in Maori traditional medicine. Living Nature started life in Suzanne’s kitchen, where she hand-stirred her Skincare creations, the first of which was a Manuka Honey gel. In fact, Living Nature was one of the first companies to utilise the benefits of Manuka Honey in a natural Skincare range.

When Suzanne outgrew her kitchen, Living Nature moved to a facility at Keri Keri in the remote North Island of New Zealand, and 28 years on Living Nature is still making Skincare products from this same location. During this time though, some things have changed. Today, Living Nature produces a comprehensive range of Face, Body and Haircare products as well as a full range of Mineral Cosmetics, all beautifully presented in clean, modern packaging and with the latest designs.

There are over 100 products in the range, which harness the curative properties of a variety of New Zealand botanicals including Living Nature hero ingredients, Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil but also soothing Harakeke, the New Zealand Flax Plant, Kumerahou, nature’s natural soap, antioxidant Totara, cleansing Halloy Clay and nutrient-rich Kelp.

Living Nature has set the standard for creating natural Skincare solutions to protect, nurture and enhance the beauty and health of skin. Living Nature products are not only gentle and kind to skin, even if it’s sensitive, but beneficial for health too. Using a holistic approach and the native healing plants of New Zealand, Living Nature blends science and nature to produce high performance, naturally potent botanical products, which are free from synthetic preservatives and any other chemical nasties.

Each product undertakes rigorous testing for purity, safety and efficacy for even the most sensitive skin and if there’s any doubt about the naturalness or safety of a potential ingredient, Living Nature will leave it out. For instance, you won’t find harsh surfactants, petrochemicals, silicones, mineral oils, artificial fragrances, grain alcohols or chemical sun protection filters in any Living Nature products, nor ingredients that are tested on animals, irradiated or genetically modified. All Living Nature’s natural formulations contain only certified natural preservatives, fragrances and ingredients that work in harmony with the skin’s natural processes to enhance its function and beauty. They are safe to use but highly effective too.

All Living Nature products are certified natural by BDIH Germany, an independent auditor of natural Skincare and cosmetics. Living Nature is a Safe Cosmetics Champion on The Skin Deep Cosmetic Database, with one of the lowest, safest ratings; so much so Breast Cancer Network New Zealand has also endorsed the range. With a mission to share safe, healthy natural beauty with the world whilst treating the planet with respect, Living also adopts eco-friendly practices, using only carbon-neutral hydro, wind energy and filtered rainwater at its Keri Keri facility. All packaging is recyclable and free from harmful phthalates and Bisphenol-A (BPA). Paper and cartons are sourced from renewable, managed forests and, like the inks, are free from dioxin and elemental chlorine.

Research and development is also now key to Living Nature’s desire to provide the very best and latest natural Skincare formulations, for varying skin types and conditions. Clinical trials also back the efficacy of Living Nature’s products, including the latest addition – the Sensitive Skin Range. By combining the soothing, hydrating gel produced by the New Zealand Harakeke Flax Plant, with the skin-nurturing properties of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Living Nature has created a highly beneficial formulation especially for sensitive skin.

Living Nature may be made from and in New Zealand but the company also exports to 14 countries worldwide, including the UK. Over the years, Living Nature has built a loyal following of UK customers who return to this certified natural brand again and again, because of its natural formulations and how gentle and effective it is on the skin. In recognition of the quality and efficacy of the Living Nature range, the brand has won many industry accolades in the UK, including awards in The Natural Health Beauty Awards, The Green Beauty Bible Awards, The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards and from The Vegetarian Society.

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