How to fake a good night’s sleep

I would love to be able to make you feel as though you have had a great night’s sleep but unfortunately I don’t hold that power. If I did, I would use it on myself almost everyday. Busy lifestyles and motherhood (especially motherhood, but not always) can leave us short of that much needed beauty sleep. Fear not, I am going to show you ‘how to fake a good night’s sleep’. First up, water in abundance is absolutely crucial. It helps hydrate the skin and reduces inflammation, giving you a natural glow from within. It can also help with fatigue, so get drinking! But sometimes water isn’t enough and we need a little help on the outside. A little help to appear as though we’ve slept like angels even if the kids have had us up until the crack of dawn!

For those bags (or suitcases!) try using RMS “un” cover-up foundation/concealer.  A few little dabs of this under the eyes and you’ll have everyone fooled. To add a little plumpness you can use products that contain hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in our skin but our bodies produce less of it as we get older. It can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, so it is a real must-have for dehydrated skin. You can find a bunch of fabulous products that contain hyaluronic here. To help open up the eyes try using a voluminising mascara, but only use it on the upper lashes.  Sometimes using too much on the lower lash can create a shadow, which can make under-eye darkness appear worse than it is. I recommend using a volume mascara in black, check out this one.

Sometimes less is more. When I haven’t slept well, less foundation makes me look much more awake than when I apply lots. Using the RMS “un” cover-up in your chosen shade, lightly dab it all over the face. Blend or add to areas of concern such as redness, blemishes and scars. I like the finish this offers because it leaves the skin with a dewy finish without looking too oily. It’s suitable for oily skin types and if you prefer a more matte finish you can dust over with the RMS “un” powder. Finally, add a little colour to your eyes, cheeks and lips. I find adding a little swipe of the magic luminizer over all 3 gives me a super natural glow and it’s such a versatile product. If you prefer a bright pop of colour you can add some lipstick, but blot it lots so it still looks very natural. The shade precious by Living Nature is a great choice for those who love nude shades and for those who like reds/pinks you can try dabbing a little RMS lip2cheek in diabolique. Here’s to hoping you get some well deserved rest!

Eloise xo

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