How to Enjoy Staying Hydrated

Don’t you just adore the British weather? No? Me neither. One day I’ve got my sandals on, woven hat and bikini ready for the beach (ok garden!) and the next thing I’m pulling out my thermals! Weather or not we have shine or rain there is one very important thing we must remember this summer. Staying hydrated.


Hydration is basically the key to all health, internally and externally, not only does it make our skin glow and our hair lustrous it nourishes all of our organs. It can increase our energy levels. It’s my go to when I am feeling fatigued. It flushes out toxins from the body. It boosts the immune system. And keeps us cool or warm throughout the ever changing seasons. Whats best? Its free! 

If you’re not a fan of water, because ya’no it is pretty tasteless, there a lots of ways you can enjoy hydrating. Teatox thermal bottles are made from borosilicate double wall glass which help to keep drinks warm. This is a non leaching glass so ideal for hot drinks. Also the bottle looks super chic.

Fill them with your favourite herbal tea’s hot or cold. I especially love hot lemon during the morning, it helps support the digestive system and sets me up for the day! Lemon is also great before bed because it helps to cleanse the kidney which generally happens while you sleep. Other ways I enjoy drinking water especially during summer is with fresh mint leaves, fruits such as strawberries and watermelon. Cucumber is also lovely infused in a cool bottle of water too. 

When I head out for the day I don’t leave without my Teatox bottle filled up! It helps me stay hydrated whilst I’m on the go without going to warm like water stored in plastic bottles. I always fill it up with some chamomile tea before bed, sometimes I forget whilst i’m reading books and blogs but, it’s ok because it stays perfectly warm inside the glass bottle :).

Teatox offer a great range of tea’s such as Matcha and different blends so definitely check them out here.

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