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Here at LoveLula we are proud to bring our customers a vast range of beautiful, Soil Association certified organic products, from lip balms to repair lotions, shampoos to candles.

Our Soil Association brands include Pai Skincare, Herbfarmacy, Balm Balm, Skin BlossomSpiezia, Odylique, Therapi Honey Skincare and Willow plus products from Suti, Pure Potions, Green People and Nourish.

The Soil Association is a UK-based membership charity founded in 1946 by a group of farmers, scientists and nutritionists. Today it has over 27,000 members united in their aim to promote and support planet-friendly organic farming and production methods. Through its Certification process the Association works to inspire consumer trust and improve understanding of organic principles, ensuring that their founding principles of vision, integrity and trust are understood…


It is experience, knowledge and expertise that make the Soil Association symbol the most recognised and respected mark in the UK today. The Association upholds the most rigorous organic standards and is your assurance of quality, purity and brand ethics. Any product carrying the Soil Association symbol contains the maximum amount of genuine organic ingredients and the minimum of synthetic materials and processing.

Certification matters more and more as the organic beauty market expands. Unfortunately, unlike organic food, there are no legal standards for beauty products so some companies can choose to label a product as ‘organic’ even if it only contains 1% organic ingredients!

This is why the Soil Association, alongside four other European certification bodies, have developed the Cosmetics Organic Standard, or COSMOS-standard, to harmonise organic standards globally. To get Cosmos organic certification, 95% of a product’s agro-ingredients and 20% of the entire product must be organic. The remaining ingredients must meet strict criteria to ensure that they are not damaging to our health or the environment. Products must also meet environmental standards for packaging and manufacturing, and use approved ‘green chemistry’ processes when modifying ingredients.

If a product uses between 70-95% organic agro-ingredients then the Soil Association will certify it, but not allow it to claim to be organic. They will not certify any product with less than 70% organic ingredients at all.

If you see either the Soil Association or the COSMOS symbol on a cosmetic product it means that:

  •  The producer has had its manufacturing facility inspected annually by the Soil Association or another certifying body
  • All product formulae and labels have been approved
  • It will be clearly labelled so that you can make an informed choice about the product you are buying
  • Any non-organic ingredients are being used because no organic equivalents were available
  • All ingredients are GM free
  • It has used minimal non-organic additives and only those from a restricted list
  • Any processed ingredients are processed by ecologically sound means

We are proud and happy to support and promote the work of the Soil Association as it so closely mirrors our principles of clarity, honesty and responsibility.

Jane x

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