Argan – The Miracle Oil

Argan Oil is a wonderfully pure, multi-purpose beauty oil – but what exactly makes it so special?

The Oil – or ‘liquid gold’ as it is known in its native Morocco – originates from the Argan tree which has adapted to long periods of drought and become resilient to both the heat and harsh ground conditions.

The fruit of the tree produces a very large nut, and the kernels are extracted by hand and are then cold pressed to produce the oil found in your beauty products…

In Morocco, Argan Oil has long been revered for its ability to treat a wide range of complaints from premature ageing to arthritis and from split ends to dry cuticles. The oil, once extracted, is exceptionally rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Antioxidants and Fatty Acids, including Omega 9; as a skin ‘food‘ it is unrivalled by any other natural or manmade product

These inherent properties make it wonderfully hydrating, healing and repairing and an invaluable aid to cell production and repair. It also helps to renew skin architecture and speeds up micro-circulation. It is prized as an anti-ageing powerhouse, rich in Ferulic acids, 8 essential Fatty Acids, Carotenoids, Sterols and Saponins. The oil is also lightweight, easily absorbed and non-greasy, which is why so many of our brands are choosing to add it to their skincare formulas and makes it a great choice for anybody with oily and acne prone skin. Check out brands such as  Kae and Argania to see further options.

The Argan ‘hair revolution’ is well established, with ‘miracle’ products now widely available. Just a few drops can relieve dry hair and leave locks feeling wonderfully soft. It can be smoothed through wet hair before styling or added to dry hair to prevent frizz. Argan Oil can also be left in overnight as a treatment mask. See brands such as Gielly Green and John Masters  for expert hair solutions.

But it’s not just your face and hair that can benefit: Argan can also be used as a nourishing and scintillating Body Oil, or added to the bath for a moisturing soak. Argan Oil is safe to use during pregnancy and is believed to help to prevent stretch marks.

Little wonder it has now become a key ingredient across a wide range of products and is lending its renowned moisture-giving benefits to everything from Tan Extender to Eye Gel and Body Scrub.


Big brands such as REN include it in their award-winning Body Oil and PAI in their anti-ageing Eye Cream. Smaller brands love it too – from the likes of Argania from New Zealand who have developed their products around Argan Oil, to French experts Kae and British brand Suti.

All are in agreement – the fruit of the Argan tree is one of nature’s miracles we can all believe in!

Jane x


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  1. anna
    December 9, 2014 / 9:30 pm

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