After-Sun Skincare

After-Sun Skincare

Hi! I thought I would write about some summer after-sun skincare to get in the seasonal swing of things! Although this week there was a very cold day of awful rain and that had me wishing I was in my winter jacket all over again.

In the hope that the sun comes out again soon, or for anyone off on a holiday somewhere hot and sunny, I’ve been trying out two after-sun inspired skincare products for summer.

Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner

The first is Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner.  After a day in the sun, and using sun cream which can sometimes be a bit heavy, oily and drying depending on the brand, I think it’s important to hydrate your face. Trilogy also recommends using this after spending long periods of time in air-conditioned areas. I definitely find my skin gets irritated by flying as well.

This is quite a nice and gentle toner with very soothing ingredients such as aloe-vera juice, rose flower oil and water, and lavender oil.  I highly recommend it, and it seems to agree with my sensitive skin!

PHB Brightening Gel Serum

The other product I’ve been trying for after-sun skincare is PHB Ethical Beauty Brightening Gel Serum with Organic White Birch and Frankincense. The ingredients in this include aloe vera, white birch, frankincense, grapefruit and neroli oils.

I wanted to try this product because I was interested in aloe vera inspired skincare- maybe you get the aloe theme from the toner too. Aloe is very soothing after spending time in the sun.

This PHB Ethical Beauty Brightening Gel Serum is nice from the perspective that it soothes and moisturizes. I didn’t see any brightening effect. I only use this at night. The reason for this is that I found it can actually start to rub off, and having any peeling residue coming off in the day from the serum when my makeup is on is pretty undesirable. Maybe I haven’t rubbed in the product well enough, but it’s just what I found.

I also will say that I like using this in the evening for summer or on holiday because of the aloe vera, but it’s not a serum I would use all year round. Seasonally, my skincare needs change and I think this is good for summer after spending time in the sun. It is also good if you have combination skin, which is what this product is also designed for.

The best bit about these products is that they are both 100ml or less so you can travel with them in your carry-on luggage too. Perfect for a summer getaway!

In Closing

Final message from me- I wrote this thinking about after-sun skincare. When I’m away, I do like to be in the sun, but I also highly advise protecting your skin from the sun too. I wear a hat, sun-screen, big (polarized) sunglasses because I always burn under my eyes if I don’t. I also use a lip balm with SPF, and sit in the shade at various times throughout the day.

Please let me know what kinds of skincare posts you would like to see, I’d love to hear your thoughts.








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  1. June 10, 2017 / 8:52 am

    No matter how careful I am in the sun, I always welcome some after sun care! I love the sound of the Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner. I like to keep a mist by the side of my bed to help keep me cool on hot summer evenings…x

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