A Prickly Question: Can you get gorgeous skin from a Cactus?!

Beauty Oils are everywhere right now – in our moisturisers, shampoo and even cosmetics – supplementing our routines with their nutrient-rich fatty acids. We’re all familiar with the glowing reputation of Argan, but now there’s a new Oil on the beauty horizon – direct from the desert!

Our planet’s most extreme climates often result in amazing natural phenomena. In the desert, plants such as the Cactus have evolved to withstand the heat and produce fruit even during severe drought, and in the process have gained remarkable properties which are now being harnessed by leading beauty companies…

The new super-ingredient is Barbary Fig Oil which comes from the Prickly Pear Cactus – not pretty to look at but with incredible hidden depths!  Native to Mexico and now found in Tunisia, the oil has been used by generations of Berber women to fend off the effects of desert conditions. The plant’s fruit has a tough outer skin which, when peeled, reveals a sweet, antioxidant-rich pulp peppered with dark seeds. These seeds, when cold pressed, release the prized Oil.

Currently one of the most expensive on the market, this desert Oil has been found to be a powerful anti-inflammatory and is packed with anti-blemish Zinc, skin-softening Vitamin E, and Vitamin K to banish dark circles. Also rich in beneficial Betalains (antioxidants), active minerals and amino acids, it protects against free radicals, stimulates new cell growth and calms inflammation. It is easily absorbed and leaves no oily residue behind – a key plus for reluctant Beauty Oil users.

The claims are that it is incredibly effective in treating skin dryness and sensitivity, supports skin repair and provides protection from environmental stress. Suitable for all skin types it is recommended for mature skin and helps address hyper-pigmentation, while the high fatty acid content plumps skin to help smooth wrinkles and increase firmness. Not only useful on the skin, Barbary Fig Oil is also beneficial to dry hair and scalp, soothing irritation and boosting shine.

The best quality Oil is cold pressed, organic and Fair Trade and can currently be found in Mychelle’s Hydrating Cactus Mask, Laboratoire Du Haut-Segala’s organic Prickly Pear Flower Oil and is the signature ingredient forming the basis for the entire Willow range.

So take note and keep a look out for this precious prickly newcomer on your next ingredient list!

Jane x


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