5 Step Shaving Plan

Follow this 5 step-plan for a pain-free shave using the best quality Organic and Natural grooming products to ensure a healthy looking skin. 

Step 1. Preparation

Don’t skip this vital stage – preparation is everything!

For the best results, shave immediately after a hot bath or shower, as this will be when your beard hairs will be at their softest. Failing that, soak a facecloth in hot water and cover the hairs with it for 2-3 minutes.

Step 2. Scrub

A gentle scrub will lift and expose your beard hairs that will result in a closer shave.

Perhaps not necessary every time you shave but try a scrub at least every other shave.

A scrub will lead to brighter, younger-looking skin by removing any dead skin cells from the surface.

LoveLula Recommends: Triple Action Facial Scrub by Eyre

Step 3. Shave Cream

Quality over quantity every time.

A good quality cream softens the hairs further therefore reducing ‘drag’ from your razor and limiting any razor burn.

A good quality shaving oil can also be just as effective or can be used in conjunction with a cream too. Test both to see which one works best for you.

LoveLula Recommends: Express Shaving Cream by Eyre or Mann Shaving Cream by Logona

Step 4. Razor Direction

Always shave in the same direction as the way the hairs are growing otherwise you risk serious razor burn.

Try a medium to firm amount of pressure; too firm and you’ll risk cutting yourself, too gentle and it’ll feel like your hairs being ‘plucked’.

Step 5. The Finish

After washing off any excess cream or oil, splash cold water on your face as soon as possible to close your pores and seal your skin.

Wait 2-3 minutes to let the skin settle before applying a nourishing aftershave balm to immediately restore the skin’s moisture levels.

LoveLula Recommends: Burts Bees Aftershave or After Shave Balm by Weleda.

At LoveLula we recommend not to use an aftershave lotion due to the high chemical content usually found in them.


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