3 of the Best Silicones-Free Haircare Products for Healthy, Stronger Hair

3 of the Best Silicones-Free Haircare Products for Healthy, Stronger Hair

Silicones are one of the most common ingredients that you’ll find in most mainstream hair care products. So you might be thinking, what’s wrong with that? Well, silicones aren’t particularly great for your hair. In fact, they don’t actually have any real benefits for your hair at all, despite what the big marketing claims may tell you! Instead, your hair can be left feeling weak, dry, prone to being brittle and looking dull or greasy in the long term.

Why Are Silicones Used & Why Are They Bad For My Hair?

Simply put, silicones are a really cheap ingredient for the beauty industry to use. Manufacturers like to add them to as many formulas as possible so that they can make bigger profits. Silicones can give your hair an incredibly glossy looking shine which we all want, but don’t be fooled! This shine is completely fake, as silicones just ‘coat’ your hair strands to achieve this. With continued use they can actually leave your hair looking duller than it was before. The reason is that silicones are water insoluble, which makes them notoriously difficult to properly wash out of your hair. This is regardless of how well you think you’ve rinsed your shampoo out afterwards.

Silicones Build-Up

If you use it on a daily basis it will lead to a build-up of silicones on your hair which leaves your hair looking dull. Sometimes your hair can also feel greasy, depending on your natural hair type. On top of all this, because silicones coat your hair, they can stop essential moisture getting into the hair shaft. This results in drier hair that’s also more prone to being brittle and damaged.

How Can I Tell if There Are Silicones In My Haircare Products?

Before buying a hair care product, make sure that you check the ingredients list. Common silicones include Dimethicone, Cetearyl Methicone, Cetyl Dimethicone and Cyclomethicone. In fact, if it has ‘cone’ at the end, it’s highly likely to be a silicone! A quick Google search can also confirm this if you’re not sure.

What Silicones-Free Haircare Can I Use?

The natural and green beauty world has so many different products available now that it’s super easy to ditch those silicones! For shampoo, try Madara Nourish and Repair Shampoo, a fantastic rich and natural formula that’s been specifically formulated for dry and damaged hair. It’s enriched with Botanicals and Wheat Proteins to help strengthen weak hair, prevent breakage and split ends, plus it’s hydrating and will leave your hair feeling silky soft.

If you want to switch your hair conditioner, Rahua Conditioner is 100% natural and organic and is a wonderful choice for all hair types. It contains an innovative natural ingredient called Rahua Oil. This will really help to strengthen your hair follicles, ensuring that you’ll have stronger, healthier hair naturally.

I love using a hair mask once a week and one of my favourites is the Gielly Green Repair Mask. This exceptional hair treatment is a real miracle worker for dry and damaged hair. You’ll see results after just one use! It’s packed full of natural nourishing ingredients such as Keratin, Argan Oil and Sea Buckthorn Oil to restore damaged hair to its former glory.

Edited to add: The Gielly Green Repair Mask does contain one silicone called Phenyl Trimethicone. However, I have included it after having a conversation with a Harley Street Trichologist. He stated that this silicone is not as harmful to the hair as the other main ones such as Dimethicone, Cetearyl Methicone, Cetyl Dimethicone and Cyclomethicone.


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