10 Haircare Commandments by Claire Whitehouse

Here are your TEN golden rules for  more saintly hair…

 1. Seek natural solutions – Use of harsh chemicals isn’t healthy for you or the environment so it’s best to embrace the natural beauty of your hair and avoid chemical-based products. Check the ingredients and do your research.

2. Don’t use hot-tools everyday – Yes we all love them, but excessive use of heat styling tools can cause serious dryness and breakage; try and give them a rest. If your hair is feeling unruly just style in a sleek pulled-back pony or messy top-knot and distract with accessories.

3. Remember Conditioner is your friend – It’s a good idea to leave a little bit of Conditioner in your hair when you finish washing: it will help with a smooth blow dry and keep ends nourished. Alternatively use a good Leave-in Conditioner for glossy locks.

4. Master your blow-dry – It’s all in the prep. Before blow-drying remove as much moisture as you can with a towel (the micro-fibre kind is best) and to reduce frizz don’t scrunch with the towel, just squeeze. It’s not necessary to use the hottest heat on your hairdryer, a high speed on a warm setting is just as good.

5. Give your hair a break – Wearing tight hairstyles on a regular basis isn’t great for the health of your hair as it creates tension at the root. Wearing a hair tie or pin in the same spot can also cause breakage so alternate your styles to give your hair a break.

6. Don’t forget the basics – It’s easy with our busy lifestyles to forget even the simplest of hair rules like never picking at split ends or never sleeping with your hair wet. Try not to get lazy – those things your mother taught you still apply.

7. Build a hair-tool artillery – There’s just never a hair-tie when you need it! Invest in a great storage case and keep all your tools in one place, then you can spend your time on mastering that new-do rather than searching for the tool you need.

8. Trust the experts – Even if you’ve had a run of good hair days and can nail a DIY blow-dry it’s still important to make a regular appointment with your hairdresser. They will deal with any problems you might be having as well as help to maintain the condition of your hair.

9. Try new stuff –There are innovations in Haircare appearing all the time, some are fads but others really could be the perfect partner for your hair. Keep up with the latest trends so you don’t miss the opportunity to try something that could very well be the answer to your hair prayers.

10. Honour your hair for what it is – I’m not sure we ever come to terms with the hair that we’re given; I always hated my curls and longed for smooth straight hair and my best friend always wished she had the body and fullness of my curls. The most important thing is to not criticise ourselves for the hair we have, accept there’s some looks that we can’t achieve and work with what we’ve got!



With thanks to Claire, Brand Manager at The Beauty Collective, on behalf of New Zealand Haircare brand Argania.

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